Meet Matt, the dedicated man behind Perth Brew Review.

Take one glance at his Instagram page, and you’ll be immediately captivated by his thematic art/beer posts. With an Instagram following of over 1,000, Matt does a beautiful job of combining photos of vivid street art and beer can artwork with in-depth reviews of various craft brews.

We spoke to Matt about marrying these two passions together and their increasing popularity in the Perth scene – and as he best demonstrates, there is no limit to appreciating the finer things in life like art and craft beer!

For me, Perth Brew Review all started with the love for craft beer and a passion for photographing street art. I remember Perth for years being known nationwide as a dull city, and in my eyes, could understand to some degree how we might have been perceived that way around the country. Fast forward to 10 years later, and here we are in possibly the country’s most vibrant up and coming city.

To me, this was evident with the artisanal food scene boom having happened years ago, which has now turned into a flourishing industry throughout Western Australia; look around and you’ll find that the availability of gourmet food isn’t just limited to pockets such as Mount Lawley, Fremantle or Northbridge.

Naturally, the craft beer scene was next. Particularly in the last few years, there has been an incredible transformation into the huge trend it has now has become. On the other hand, street art has also been another change that has added vibrancy and uniqueness to a city full of culture, despite not everyone embracing it. It’s especially great to see local governments now getting on board and funding street artists all over Perth to help bring life to some of these areas through murals and the like.

So what does street art have to do with craft beer, you might ask?

Mostly taken on by graphic designers in the past, artists and even street artists are now being called upon to create artwork for craft beers! Take Dipesh Prasad for instance, who recently collaborated with Feral Brewing Company to redesign some of their craft beer labels. Most notably, his redesigning of the infamous Biggie Juice made waves as a crowd favourite at last year’s Perth Craft Beer Festival! All in all, this was strongly influenced by an increasingly overwhelming beer market and resultantly, the need to stand out on the shelf — and possibly to a lesser degree, on social media as well.

It might not surprise you how powerful social media has become, but there is proof in the pudding! Advertising is a powerful tool, but it does come at a great cost. If you take a look on Facebook (or more to my liking, Instagram) and venture into any genre of interest, you will see social media influencers working their charm to support brands.

Some do it for money and nothing else, but many people like myself do it in the hopes to spread their passion of a particular genre — mine being craft beer. My goal was to do something a little different as there are a lot of people photographing beer and already doing a great job at it with their professional cameras, studio set-ups and expert knowledge of craft beer.

For me, it’s about making the world of craft beer accessible and readily enjoyed by all. Hence, I took my humble passion for street art, simply shoved a beer in front of it and snapped it with my iPhone whilst candidly writing what I thought about the beer! That’s how it all started. While I’m in no way an expert and have an enormous amount to learn, I enjoy craft beer and what I do. I hope that others can also enjoy what I have to offer.

As for the upcoming Perth Craft Beer Festival, the beers I’m looking forward to are the ones that I haven’t tried or don’t see in a packaged format from interstate or international breweries — such as Green Beacon Brewing, Garage Project, and the list goes on!

To me, the best part about about the Perth Craft Beer Festival is getting to try so many different or new/limited release beers that I might not get to try otherwise. That being said, I also look forward to beers crafted especially for the festival by the local guys as well!

— Cheers from Perth Brew Review (Matt)