Hailing all the way from Metricup, Beerfarm’s head brewer Josh Thomas had a lovely chat to us ahead of their appearance at Perth Craft Beer Festival 2019. From discussing the brewery’s upcoming plans and their use of ingredients native to Western Australia — we got stuck into all things Beerfarm related. Read on for more!

It’s said that Beerfarm is so much more than just a brewery. What else does it pride itself on offering craft beer lovers and individuals?
Our brewery is a working farm, which is one thing. We also believe beer is best served with experience and enjoyed by all people from all walks of life. We love throwing events, working with food, tending to our cattle and long walks on small beaches.

We pride ourselves on not taking life too seriously and having a bloody good time doing it!


What are your sentiments on the South West craft beer industry, and your place in it?

We are at home here amongst so many amazing brewers, breweries and venues. What a time to be alive! Let's face it, we all compete but it's like playing against your mate's cricket team; at the end of the day we are one big south-west family.

Do you think it’s important to stick to what’s tried and true or to try out new trends?

We always try and push boundaries, but also want to create a range of beers for all palettes and strive for consistency. We have some old trusty brews in our range, but one thing we will always promise at Beerfarm is that we will never stop pushing the boundaries and getting creative with brewing!

What was the moment that made you fall in love with brewing?

Constantly being challenged with improving the quality and balance of the end product. Seeing the results from changes, whether it be process or recipe-based, is incredibly satisfying as a brewer.


Are there any uniquely native ingredients that have you drawn on in your brewing?

With our Native Series, we have the privilege of learning about and understanding the native ingredients available in our country. This drives inspiration and also education. In our time of using native ingredients, we have had the pleasure of experimenting with Strawberry Gum, Saltbush, Blood Lime, Sunrise Lime, Desert Lime, Lemon Myrtle, Quandong and Sandalwood Nut flavours, to name a few.

How do you ensure that your brews cater to a variety of craft beer palettes?

We try our very best to make sure every beer we create has balance — that means ensuring all the flavours complement instead of overpower one another. Aside from balance, ensuring we have a range that is broad enough to satisfy as many different beer drinkers as possible is key.

There’s a time and place for any kind of beer depending on what you enjoy drinking. I personally enjoy a beer that I don't have to think too much about at the end of the day.


What is most instrumental when it comes to running a brewery?

Ensuring quality is at the forefront of everything you do. We constantly look at ways to improve processes, recipes, efficiencies and reducing our impact on the environment as key parts in running the brewery.

Let's say, when running a brewery you need to do 100 things (theoretically). If you do 50 of those 100, you can make an alright beer. If you do 75 of those 100, you can make a good enjoyable beer. However, if you aim to do as many of as you can, you will give yourself the best chance at creating an exceptional beer.

For the nerds, we prioritise:

  • Good cleaning practices

  • Good clarity wort

  • Yeast health

  • Dissolved oxygen (very important factor for both Fermentation and packaging)

  • Efficiency

  • Balance


What big plans can we expect from Beerfarm in the year to come?

Amongst investing in more infrastructure to produce more beer and increase our efficiencies, we are constantly focusing on improving our impact on the environment — with projects that involve CO2 and water recovery, creating energy from waste and collaborating with local producers.

Lastly, what can we look forward to you bringing to the Perth Craft Beer Festival?

We’ll keep a few of those cards close to our chest!

However, we will be pumping out our recent release sours such as Shirazzaweiss (Shiraz grape sour) and Berlinion Blanc (Sauv Blanc grape sour), as well as some barrel aged beers for the craft beer nerds!

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